What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

Waterpoint Services Ltd is a water cooler supply company based in Hertford, Hertfordshire;
serving the surrounding areas of Herts, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and London.

Established in 2001, we are independent, and always have been. Happy to help companies, offices, schools, hospitals and leisure centres with their drinking water requirements through both bottle-fed water coolersbottleless water coolers & also plumbed in direct chill water cooler dispensers that we have available for sale or for rental and to suit all environments.

Choosing Waterpoint Services for your water cooler supply requirements will be a pleasureable process, with friendly back office staff who will understand your account and flexibility requirements and efficient friendly delivery drivers that will pick up and deliver to suit you. None of the big national chain indifference, just genuine customer service from a value orientated family company.

We are local, friendly and reliable 

We're so confident in the quality of our drinking water dispensers
that we offer a 14 Day Bottled Water Cooler FREE TRIAL
with NO obligation to rent or buy! -  Contact us for more details ....


Our Service / What We Can Do

Our company aim is simple. We work hard to provide the right water cooler for any environment at an affordable price to all our customers and we strive to back it up with a service that we believe is second to none.

We are always looking for ways to improve our business and constantly research new water coolers and water filters to ensure the quality of our products and services.

Our Technical Consultant, Mike Hurst from Watermark Consultancy is a Microbiologist and is the leading European authority on water hygiene through Point of Use water cooler equipment. He has written tender guidelines for water cooler standards in Hospitals for NHS Central Purchasing. He sits on the board of our industry watchdog - the EDWCA (European Drinking Water Cooler Association). As members, we are committed to ensuring that all possible standards governing the supply of a food product are met.

Sustainability in the 21st Century

As our summers get hotter and our cities more polluted most businesses now recognise importance of minimising their impact on the planet. Mains fed water coolers are the green alternative to bottled water coolers. This is because plumbed in water coolers have no unrecyclable bottles and bottle caps. In addition, by avoiding regular deliveries you’re helping to reduce road congestion and the amount of pollution going into the atmosphere. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping you to reduce yours.

Waterpoint Services Mission Statement

Waterpoint is a supplier of bottled water and plumbed in water cooler systems, at the forefront of new technologies within our industry and committed to doing our bit for the planet. We go that extra distance to suit our customers with exactly the right system and to make sure that it continues to suit their needs.

Waterpoint Services Environmental Statement 

We will endeavour to use fully recyclable and biodegradable cups and we recommend that all our customers join the Save-a-Cup Scheme www.save-a-cup.co.uk

Where possible we will only use LPG vehicles to visit your place of work

Where possible we use recycled stationary and office equipment

It is our intention that all company processes will meet and comply with air, water, noise and land pollution regulations

We will work to reduce office waste and maximise the use of resources, energy, water and other raw materials

We will ensure that all waste will be handled by responsible bodies and be recycled wherever possible

We also recognise our responsibilities towards the community in which we live and operate and will ensure that our activities are not detrimental to the local environment

We are committed to review this policy on an annual basis