Electric Water Cooler

Electric Water Cooler

Did you know that water coolers in an office can often help with productivity and also could reduce time spent off sick?

Well, no research has been done into this as far as we know, but common sense tells us that when we ensure our fluid intake is topped up, then our brain functions better. In addition to this, we feel better.

Water is the substance of human life, and is important to our health and wellbeing.

Having an electric water cooler in your office means that you can have chilled water from a machine that is conveniently located and accessible to all your staff.  It is a far less expensive way of bringing water to your staff than re-plumbing your building.

Fact: Water is better for you than tea or coffee

Being able to offer your guest cooled water, rather than making them tea or coffee provides a better impression. Having an electric water cooler in your meeting room encourages fluid intake and keeps staff hydrated.

Electric water coolers are hygienic too!

With less spillage and mess than is generally made in a staff canteen, where tea, coffee, sugar and milk are dropped over work surfaces and floors, and tea cups and spoons are left on the side unwashed, the simple solution is to offer a convenient alternative.

Electric water coolers dispense the amount of water required:

  • less waste
  • less mess
  • more convenience

So, if you are looking for a cost effective, health enhancing benefit for your employees, then call Waterpoint Services now, for Electric Water cooling systems in Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex and London.