About our Bottled Water Dispensers

About our Bottled Water Dispensers

Are you thinking about purchasing a water cooler and are leaning towards choosing a bottled water dispenser?

Waterpoint Services have a range of water coolers available and many options for bottled water dispensers that can fit in with the layout of your office.  We can offer bottled water dispensers for hire for as little as £12 a month, this includes monthly sanitization and is part of a 12 month contract.

Having a bottled water dispenser at your workplace allows your colleagues to keep themselves hydrated which will lead to higher levels of productivity during their working day.

If you purchase or hire a bottled water dispenser from Waterpoint services, we offer a service connected with it, to ensure the regular sanitisation of your product and also maintenance checks to ensure that your water cooler is functioning correctly.

With a bottled water cooler from Waterpoint Services, we will provide you with regular deliveries of bottled water to ensure that your supply never dwindles below demand. These bottles of water can then be stored away until you require them to refill your water cooler. We supply Swithland Spring Water which is an exceptionally pure source of water from deep beneath the Charnwood Hills in Leicestershire.

We give our customers options of purchasing or hiring all of our water coolers, therefore if you are not sure that you will get the full use out of your bottled water dispenser and don’t want to commit to buying one just yet, you can rent one from us, this can allow you time to see if it gets used enough to justify buying one outright, or you can continue to rent it from us for a longer period of time.

However you choose to use our services or products, Waterpoint Services can provide you with the support you need to decide on the correct water cooler for your workplace. For more information on our bottled water dispensers, or about the other products we have available, contact us today on: 01992 584848 or email us at info@waterpointservices.co.uk.