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This category contains content with information about mains or bottlefed water coolers for you workplace.

Bottled Water Dispensers

Having clean, fresh water available for your staff to drink at any time promotes good health and improved concentration. Having bottled water dispensers in your office is a simple way to tell your staff that you care, and to improve efficiencies at the same time. Not only is water a great health benefit, but having a…
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Why use water cooler companies?

At Waterpoint Services, we often wonder why people wouldn’t use water cooler companies, but we have reversed the question in order that we can fully appreciate our customers’ needs, even more than we already do. So, why use water cooler companies? The biggest benefit of using a water cooler company is that you will be…
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Office Water Coolers… Not just for the summer months!

Many people often think that investing in an office water cooler will only be beneficial during the summer months when, if we’re lucky enough, the warmer weather graces us. However this is simply not the case. Although we recognise the need the stay hydrated when the temperature increases, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to…
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Electric Water Cooler

Did you know that water coolers in an office can often help with productivity and also could reduce time spent off sick? Well, no research has been done into this as far as we know, but common sense tells us that when we ensure our fluid intake is topped up, then our brain functions better.…
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About our Bottled Water Dispensers

Are you thinking about purchasing a water cooler and are leaning towards choosing a bottled water dispenser? Waterpoint Services have a range of water coolers available and many options for bottled water dispensers that can fit in with the layout of your office.  We can offer bottled water dispensers for hire for as little as…
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