Making The Right Water Cooler Dispenser Choice For Your Business

Making The Right Water Cooler Dispenser Choice For Your Business

Investing in the right water cooler dispensers for your workplace is an important decision. There are many different types of water cooler dispensers for both plumbed in and bottled water. To the untrained eye, these can all look the same. Thankfully, here at Waterpoint Services, we can provide you with all the information you need to make sure that the type of water cooler dispenser you choose, is the right one for you and your organisation.

Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers

  • Uses water from bottles that are mounted on top of it.
  • Bottles can be stored within the workplace. Frequent deliveries can be arranged so stock never runs out.
  • Compact Design.
  • You can choose to have one that is freestanding or sits upon a countertop. This enables it to fit into the workspace discreetly along with the options of colours that can fit with your decor.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • A choice of different water temperatures means this is an added option, cold or ambient water depending on your preference.
  • You have the freedom to choose, upon purchase, if you would like an accompanying maintenance contract with the water cooler dispenser.
  • If you choose to buy multiple water coolers for your workspace, you will be able to benefit from a discount on both the units themselves and the maintenance costs. This applies to the whole range of water coolers.
  • Renting a bottle-fed water cooler couldn’t be simpler; included in the rental is a quarterly sanitisation of the water coolers, an annual descale and full mechanical back up.

Mains Fed Water Cooler Dispensers

  • These dispensers are connected to the mains, so there is an unlimited water supply.
  • No need to have space to store water bottles because it is linked to the mains.
  • A choice between free standing dispensers and counter top ones gives you flexibility for the layout of your office.
  • Can be used in a range of environments, office, schools etc.
  • Regular maintenance means that they are kept looking fresh and up to date.
  • Just like with the bottled water coolers, you can purchase a plumbed in water cooler dispenser with or without a maintenance contract. You don't’ have to feel bound by a maintenance contract if you don’t want one, but you have the option to if you would prefer.
  • If you wish to rent one, alongside the dispenser itself, you get a quarterly sanitization routine as well as a filter exchange every six months and full mechanical backup. This has the power to give you peace of mind regarding the ongoing functioning of your water coolers.

Still unsure of which type is right for you?

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